Type Method


Returns an autoreleased string containing the localized name for the specified compression type.


class func localizedName(forTIFFCompressionType compression: NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression) -> String?



A TIFF compression type. For more information, see the constants in NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression.

Return Value

A localized name for compression or nil if compression is unrecognized.


When implementing a user interface for selecting TIFF compression types, use getTIFFCompressionTypes(_:count:) to get the list of supported compression types, then use this method to get the localized names for each compression type.

See Also

Managing Compression Types

class func getTIFFCompressionTypes(UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafePointer<NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression>?>, count: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>)

Returns by indirection an array of all available compression types that can be used when writing a TIFF image.

func canBeCompressed(using: NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression) -> Bool

Tests whether the receiver can be compressed by the specified compression scheme.

func setCompression(NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression, factor: Float)

Sets the receiver’s compression type and compression factor.

func getCompression(UnsafeMutablePointer<NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression>?, factor: UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>?)

Returns by indirection the receiver’s compression type and compression factor.

func value(forProperty: NSBitmapImageRep.PropertyKey) -> Any?

Returns the value for the specified property.

enum NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression

Constants representing the supported TIFF data-compression schemes.