Instance Method


Begins editing the item at the specified path.


func editItem(at indexPath: IndexPath, with event: NSEvent?, select: Bool)



The path of the item.


The event to use when beginning the edit.


If true, the cells contents will be selected; if false, they will not be selected.

See Also

Accessing Components

func loadedCell(atRow: Int, column: Int) -> Any?

Loads, if necessary, and returns the cell at the specified row and column location.

func item(at: IndexPath) -> Any?

Returns the item at the specified index path.

func item(atRow: Int, inColumn: Int) -> Any?

Returns the item located at the specified row and column.

func indexPath(forColumn: Int) -> IndexPath

Returns the index path of the item whose children are displayed in the given column.

func isLeafItem(Any?) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified item is a leaf item.

func parentForItems(inColumn: Int) -> Any?

Returns the item that contains the children located in the specified column.