Instance Property


The index of the last column with a selected item.


var selectedColumn: Int { get }


When the value of this property is -1, there is no column selected.

See Also

Managing Columns

func addColumn()

Adds a column to the right of the last column.

var lastColumn: Int

The index of the last column loaded.

var firstVisibleColumn: Int

The index of the first visible column.

var numberOfVisibleColumns: Int

The number of visible columns.

var lastVisibleColumn: Int

The index of the last visible column.

func validateVisibleColumns()

Validates the browser’s visible columns.

var isLoaded: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether column 0 is loaded.

func loadColumnZero()

Loads column 0; unloads previously loaded columns.

func reloadColumn(Int)

Reloads the given column.