Instance Method


Returns the last (lowest) cell selected in the given column.


func selectedCell(inColumn column: Int) -> Any?



The column whose last selected cell is to be returned.

Return Value

The last (or lowest) selected cell. Returns nil if there is no selection.

See Also

Managing Selection

var selectedCells: [NSCell]?

All cells selected in the rightmost column.

func selectAll(Any?)

Selects all cells in the last column of the browser.

func selectedRow(inColumn: Int) -> Int

Returns the row index of the selected cell in the specified column.

func selectRow(Int, inColumn: Int)

Selects the cell at the specified row and column index.

var selectionIndexPath: IndexPath?

The index path of the item selected in the browser.

var selectionIndexPaths: [IndexPath]

An array containing the index paths of all items selected in the browser.