Instance Method


Returns whether the specified item is a leaf item.


- (BOOL)isLeafItem:(id)item;



The item to be checked.

Return Value

YES if the item is a leaf item; otherwise, NO.


This method may return NO if the item has never been displayed in the browser or accessed via itemAtIndexPath:. Overriding this method has no effect. It may be used only if the browser’s delegate implements the item data source methods.

See Also

Accessing Components

- loadedCellAtRow:column:

Loads, if necessary, and returns the cell at the specified row and column location.

- editItemAtIndexPath:withEvent:select:

Begins editing the item at the specified path.

- itemAtIndexPath:

Returns the item at the specified index path.

- itemAtRow:inColumn:

Returns the item located at the specified row and column.

- indexPathForColumn:

Returns the index path of the item whose children are displayed in the given column.

- parentForItemsInColumn:

Returns the item that contains the children located in the specified column.