Instance Method


Returns the index path of the item whose children are displayed in the given column.


func indexPath(forColumn column: Int) -> IndexPath



The column to find the index path for.

Return Value

The index path of the column.


This method can only be used if the delegate implements the item data source methods.

See Also

Accessing Components

func loadedCell(atRow: Int, column: Int) -> Any?

Loads, if necessary, and returns the cell at the specified row and column location.

func editItem(at: IndexPath, with: NSEvent?, select: Bool)

Begins editing the item at the specified path.

func item(at: IndexPath) -> Any?

Returns the item at the specified index path.

func item(atRow: Int, inColumn: Int) -> Any?

Returns the item located at the specified row and column.

func isLeafItem(Any?) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified item is a leaf item.

func parentForItems(inColumn: Int) -> Any?

Returns the item that contains the children located in the specified column.