Instance Method


Sets the path to be displayed by the browser.


- (BOOL)setPath:(NSString *)path;



The path to display. If path is prefixed by the path separator, the path is absolute, containing the full path from the browser’s first column. Otherwise, the path is relative, extending the browser’s current path starting at the last column.

Return Value

YES if the given path is valid; otherwise, NO.


While parsing path, the browser compares each component with the entries in the current column. If an exact match is found, the matching entry is selected, and the next component is compared to the next column’s entries. If no match is found for a component, the method exits and returns NO; the final path is set to the valid portion of path. If each component of path specifies a valid branch or leaf in the browser’s hierarchy, the method returns YES.

See Also

Managing the Path

- path

Returns a string representing the browser’s current path.

- pathToColumn:

Returns a string representing the path from the first column up to, but not including, the column at the given index.


The path separator.