Instance Method


Reloads the given column.


func reloadColumn(_ column: Int)



The index of the column to reload.


If after reloading the selected item no longer exists in the column, the column is set to be the last column.

See Also

Managing Columns

func addColumn()

Adds a column to the right of the last column.

var selectedColumn: Int

The index of the last column with a selected item.

var lastColumn: Int

The index of the last column loaded.

var firstVisibleColumn: Int

The index of the first visible column.

var numberOfVisibleColumns: Int

The number of visible columns.

var lastVisibleColumn: Int

The index of the last visible column.

func validateVisibleColumns()

Validates the browser’s visible columns.

var isLoaded: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether column 0 is loaded.

func loadColumnZero()

Loads column 0; unloads previously loaded columns.