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typedef NSString *NSBrowserColumnsAutosaveName;

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+ removeSavedColumnsWithAutosaveName:

Removes the column configuration data stored under the given name from the application’s user defaults.


The name used to automatically save the browser’s column configuration.

- columnContentWidthForColumnWidth:

Returns the content width for a given column width.

- columnWidthForColumnContentWidth:

Returns the column width for the width of the given column’s content.


A constant indicating the browser’s column resizing type.


A Boolean that indicates whether the browser is set to resize all columns simultaneously rather than resizing a single column at a time.

- widthOfColumn:

Returns the width of the specified column.

- setWidth:ofColumn:

Sets the width of the specified column.

- defaultColumnWidth

Returns the default column width of the browser’s columns.

- setDefaultColumnWidth:

Sets the default column width for new browser columns that do not otherwise have an initial width from defaults or the browser’s delegate.


The height of the browser’s rows.