Instance Property


The key-equivalent character of the button.


var keyEquivalent: String { get set }


This property contains the button's key equivalent, or the empty string if no equivalent has been defined. Buttons don’t have a default key equivalent.

If you set a key equivalent instead of an image, the button’s interior is redrawn. However, the key equivalent isn’t displayed if the image position is set to NSNoImage, NSImageOnly, or NSImageOverlaps; that is, the button must display both its title and its “image” (which is the key equivalent in this case), and they must not overlap.

To display a key equivalent on a button, set the image and alternate image to nil, set the key equivalent, and then set the image position.

See Also

Accessing Key Equivalents

var keyEquivalentModifierMask: NSEvent.ModifierFlags

The mask specifying the modifier keys for the button’s key equivalent.