Instance Property


The font used to draw the button’s key equivalent.


var keyEquivalentFont: NSFont? { get set }


The value of this property is the font object that describes the font used to draw the button's key equivalent. If the property value is nil, the button doesn’t have a key equivalent. Setting this property redraws the button if necessary. Setting this property on a button that has no key equivalent does nothing.

Note that the default font is the same as the font used to draw the title.

See Also

Managing the Key Equivalent

var keyEquivalent: String

The button’s key-equivalent character.

var keyEquivalentModifierMask: NSEvent.ModifierFlags

The mask that identifies the modifier keys for the button's key equivalent.

func setKeyEquivalentFont(String, size: CGFloat)

Sets by name and size of the font used to draw the key equivalent.