Instance Property


The flags that indicate how the button cell shows its alternate state.


@property NSCellStyleMask showsStateBy;


The value of this property is the logical OR of one or more of the cell masks described in the "Constants” section of NSCell.

If both NSChangeGrayCellMask and NSChangeBackgroundCellMask are specified, both are recorded, but the actual behavior depends on the button cell’s image. If the button has no image, or if the image has no alpha (transparency) data, NSChangeGrayCellMask is used. If the image exists and has alpha data, NSChangeBackgroundCellMask is used; this arrangement allows the color swap of the background to show through the image’s transparent pixels.

See Also

Displaying the Cell


A set of flags that indicate how the button highlights when it receives a mouse-down event (that is, when the button is pressed).

- setButtonType:

Sets how the button highlights while pressed and how it shows its state.