Generic Class


A bar item that, along with its delegate, provides a list of textual suggestions for the current text view.


class NSCandidateListTouchBarItem<CandidateType> : NSTouchBarItem where CandidateType : AnyObject


Providing a Client and a Delegate

var client: (NSView & NSTextInputClient)?

The client object for the candidate list item.

var delegate: NSCandidateListTouchBarItemDelegate?

The delegate of the candidate list item.

protocol NSCandidateListTouchBarItemDelegate

A set of methods that a candidate list item delegate uses to enable selection state and list visibility.

Populating the Candidate List

func setCandidates([CandidateType], forSelectedRange: NSRange, in: String?)

Sets an array of candidate objects to be displayed in the candidate list bar item.

var candidates: [CandidateType]

The array of candidate objects previously set by setCandidates(_:forSelectedRange:in:).

var attributedStringForCandidate: ((CandidateType, Int) -> NSAttributedString)?

A block that converts a candidate object into an attributed string for display in the candidate list item.

var allowsTextInputContextCandidates: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether a candidate list item displays candidates from text input providers.

Handling Collapsible Behavior

var allowsCollapsing: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether the item can be collapsed.

var isCollapsed: Bool

A Boolean value that controls the visibility of the candidate list.

Managing Candidate List Visibility

var isCandidateListVisible: Bool

A Boolean value that represents the visibility of this item's candidate list.

func update(withInsertionPointVisibility: Bool)

Updates the candidate list visibility configuration based on the client's insertion point state.

Configuring Bar Customization

var customizationLabel: String!

The user-visible string identifying this item during bar customization.


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