A set of methods that a candidate list item delegate uses to enable selection state and list visibility.


protocol NSCandidateListTouchBarItemDelegate


Handling Selection Changes

func candidateListTouchBarItem(NSCandidateListTouchBarItem<AnyObject>, beginSelectingCandidateAt: Int)

Tells the delegate that the user has started touching one of the candidates in the candidate list item.

func candidateListTouchBarItem(NSCandidateListTouchBarItem<AnyObject>, changeSelectionFromCandidateAt: Int, to: Int)

Tells the delegate that user has moved from touching one candidate in the candidate list item to another.

func candidateListTouchBarItem(NSCandidateListTouchBarItem<AnyObject>, endSelectingCandidateAt: Int)

Tells the delegate that a user has stopped touching candidates in the candidate list item.

Handling Visibility Changes

func candidateListTouchBarItem(NSCandidateListTouchBarItem<AnyObject>, changedCandidateListVisibility: Bool)

Tells the delegate that the visibility of the candidate list has changed.


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Providing a Client and a Delegate

var client: (NSView & NSTextInputClient)?

The client object for the candidate list item.

var delegate: NSCandidateListTouchBarItemDelegate?

The delegate of the candidate list item.