Instance Property


The cell’s interior background style.


var interiorBackgroundStyle: NSView.BackgroundStyle { get }


The interior background style describes the surface drawn onto in the drawInterior(withFrame:in:) method. This is often the same as the backgroundStyle, but a button that draws a bezel would use a different value for this property.

In a custom button with a custom bezel you can override this property and return a different value to describe that surface. A cell that has custom interior drawing might use the value of this property to pick an image that looks good on the cell.

See Also

Managing Display Attributes

var isBezeled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the cell has a bezeled border.

var isBordered: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the cell draws itself outlined with a plain border.

var isOpaque: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the cell is completely opaque.

var controlTint: NSControlTint

The cell’s control tint.

var backgroundStyle: NSView.BackgroundStyle

The cell’s background style.

enum NSView.BackgroundStyle

Background styles used with the backgroundStyle and interiorBackgroundStyle properties.