Instance Method


Returns the expansion cell frame for the receiver.


func expansionFrame(withFrame cellFrame: NSRect, in view: NSView) -> NSRect



The frame for the receiver.


The view in which the receiver will be drawn.

Return Value

The expansion cell frame for the receiver. If the frame is not too small, return an empty rect (NSZeroRect), and no expansion tool tip view will be shown.


This method allows the cell to return an expansion cell frame if cellFrame is too small for the entire contents in the view. When the mouse is hovered over the cell in certain controls, the full cell contents are shown in a special floating tool tip view. By default, NSCell returns NSZeroRect, while some subclasses (such as NSTextFieldCell) will return the proper frame when required.

See Also

Managing Expansion Frames

func draw(withExpansionFrame: NSRect, in: NSView)

Instructs the receiver to draw in an expansion frame.