Instance Property


The cell’s current state.


@property NSControlStateValue state;


The NSOffState state indicates the normal or unpressed state. The NSOnState state indicates the alternate or pressed state. The NSMixedState state indicates that the feature represented by the control is in effect somewhere.

Although using the enumerated constants is preferred, you can also assign an integer value to this property. If the cell has two states, 0 is treated as NSOffState, and a nonzero value is treated as NSOnState. If the cell has three states, 0 is treated as NSOffState, a negative value is treated as NSMixedState, and a positive value is treated as NSOnState.

See Also

Managing Cell State


A Boolean value indicating whether the cell supports three states instead of two.


The cell’s next state.

- setNextState

Changes cell’s state to the next value in the sequence.