Instance Property


The modifier flags for the last (left) mouse-down event.


var mouseDownFlags: Int { get }


The value of this property is the value of the modifier flags from the most recent NSEvent object representing a mouse-down event. If tracking has not yet occurred or the event contained no modifier keys, the value of this property is 0.

See Also

Tracking the Mouse

func startTracking(at: NSPoint, in: NSView) -> Bool

Begins tracking mouse events within the receiver.

func continueTracking(last: NSPoint, current: NSPoint, in: NSView) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether mouse tracking should continue in the receiving cell.

class var prefersTrackingUntilMouseUp: Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether tracking stops when the cursor leaves the cell.

func getPeriodicDelay(UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>, interval: UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>)

Returns the initial delay and repeat values for continuous sending of action messages to target objects.