Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the cell has a highlighted appearance.


@property(getter=isHighlighted) BOOL highlighted;


When the value of this property is YES, the cell draws itself with a highlighted appearance. The default value of this property is NO.

Assigning a new value to this property has no effect by default. Subclasses can override the property to provide a highlighting behavior. For example, the NSButtonCell class overrides this property, so that when the value is YES the button draws the button with a highlight appearance specified by NSCellLightsByBackground, NSCellLightsByContents, or NSCellLightsByGray.

See Also

Drawing and Highlighting

- drawWithFrame:inView:

Draws the receiver’s border and then draws the interior of the cell.

- highlightColorWithFrame:inView:

Returns the color the receiver uses when drawing the selection highlight.

- drawInteriorWithFrame:inView:

Draws the interior portion of the receiver, which includes the image or text portion but does not include the border.


The view associated with the cell.

- highlight:withFrame:inView:

Redraws the receiver with the specified highlight setting.