Instance Method


Returns the color the receiver uses when drawing the selection highlight.


func highlightColor(withFrame cellFrame: NSRect, in controlView: NSView) -> NSColor?



The bounding rectangle of the receiver.


The control that manages the cell.

Return Value

The color the receiver uses when drawing the selection highlight.


You should not assume that a cell would necessarily want to draw itself with the value returned from selectedControlColor. A cell may wish to draw with different a selection highlight color depending on such things as the key state of its controlView.

See Also

Drawing and Highlighting

func draw(withFrame: NSRect, in: NSView)

Draws the receiver’s border and then draws the interior of the cell.

func drawInterior(withFrame: NSRect, in: NSView)

Draws the interior portion of the receiver, which includes the image or text portion but does not include the border.

var controlView: NSView?

The view associated with the cell.

func highlight(Bool, withFrame: NSRect, in: NSView)

Redraws the receiver with the specified highlight setting.

var isHighlighted: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the cell has a highlighted appearance.