Instance Property


The distance that the content view is inset from the enclosing scroll view.


@property NSEdgeInsets contentInsets;


When the enclosing scroll view’s contentInsets value is nonzero (that is, the value is not {0,0,0,0}), the scroll view sets the frame of its content view to the scroll view's bounds minus the scroll view’s border, if it has one. (When the contentInsets value is equal to zero, the scroll view adjusts its contentView.frame to fit inside all the other views the scroll view maintains.) When the value of contentView.automaticallyAdjustsContentInsets is YES (which is the default value), the header, rulers, and other views are overlaid on top of the content view and the scroll view sets the correct contentInsets value on the contentView. Note that you can animate the clip view when this property changes by calling [self animator].

See Also

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A Boolean value that indicates if the clip view automatically accounts for other scroll view subviews.