Instance Method


Deselects all items in the collection view.


- (IBAction)deselectAll:(id)sender;



The object that requested the action. You may specify nil for this property.


This method works only when the selectable and allowsEmptySelection properties are both true YES. If either property is set to NO, this method quietly does nothing and any connected menu item is disabled.

This method consults the delegate object regarding the selection. Specifically, it calls the delegate’s collectionView:shouldDeselectItemsAtIndexPaths: method to see if the items should be selected. For any items that are selected, it calls the collectionView:didDeselectItemsAtIndexPaths: method.

See Also

Managing the Selection


A Boolean value that indicates whether the user may select items in the collection view.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the user may select more than one item in the collection view.


A Boolean value indicating whether the collection view may have no selected items.


The set of index paths representing the currently selected items.

- selectAll:

Selects all items in the collection view, if doing so is possible.

- selectItemsAtIndexPaths:scrollPosition:

Adds the specified items to the current selection and optionally scrolls the items into position.

- deselectItemsAtIndexPaths:

Removes the specified items from the current selection.