Instance Property


The ColorSync profile from which the receiver was created.


var colorSyncProfile: UnsafeMutableRawPointer? { get }


The ColorSync profile on which the receiver is based. You need to cast this value to an object of opaque type CMProfileRef. Returns NULL if the receiver was created from a ICC-profile data instead. See ColorSync Manager for further information on CMProfileRef.

See Also

Accessing Color-Space Data and Attributes

var cgColorSpace: CGColorSpace?

The Core Graphics color-space object that represents a color space equivalent to the receiver’s.

var colorSpaceModel: NSColorSpace.Model

The model on which the color space of the receiver is based.

enum NSColorSpace.Model

The abstract model on which an color space objects are based.

var iccProfileData: Data?

The ICC profile data from which the receiver was created.

var localizedName: String?

The localized name of the receiver

var numberOfColorComponents: Int

The number of components (excluding alpha) the receiver supports or zero if the receiver is not based on float components.