Instance Method


Returns the item from the combo box's pop-up list that matches the text entered by the user.


- (NSString *)comboBoxCell:(NSComboBoxCell *)comboBoxCell completedString:(NSString *)uncompletedString;



The combo box cell.


The substring containing the text the user typed into the text field of the combo box cell.

Return Value

The completed string, from the items in the pop-up list, that matches the text entered by the user. Your implementation should return the first complete string that starts with uncompletedString.


An NSComboBoxCell object uses this method to perform incremental—or “smart”—searches when the user types into the text field.

As the user types in the text field, the receiver uses this method to search for items from the pop-up list that start with what the user has typed. The receiver adds the new text to the end of the field and selects the new text, so when the user types another character, it replaces the new text.

If you don’t implement this method, the receiver does not perform incremental searches.