Instance Property


The default action-message selector associated with the control.


var action: Selector? { get set }


This property contains the action message selector of the receiver's cell. Controls that support multiple cells (such as NSMatrix and NSForm) must supply the appropriate action-message selector in this property. Specify NULL to prevent action messages from being sent to the receiver's target.

If you want the action-message selector for a control that has multiple cells, it is better to get the selector directly from the cell's own action property.

See Also

Implementing the Target/Action Mechanism

var target: AnyObject?

The target object that receives action messages from the cell.

var isContinuous: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver’s cell sends its action message continuously to its target during mouse tracking.

func sendAction(Selector?, to: Any?) -> Bool

Causes the specified action to be sent the target.

func sendAction(on: NSEvent.EventTypeMask) -> Int

Sets the conditions on which the receiver sends action messages to its target.