Instance Method


Discards any pending changes by registered editors.


func discardEditing()


The receiver invokes discardEditing() on any current editors.

See Also

Managing editing

func objectDidBeginEditing(NSEditor)

Invoked to inform the receiver that editor has uncommitted changes that can affect the receiver.

func objectDidEndEditing(NSEditor)

Invoked to inform the receiver that editor has committed or discarded its changes.

func commitEditing() -> Bool

Causes the receiver to attempt to commit any pending edits, returning true if successful or no edits were pending.

func commitEditing(withDelegate: Any?, didCommit: Selector?, contextInfo: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?)

Attempts to commit any pending changes in known editors of the receiver.

var isEditing: Bool

A Boolean value indicating if any editors are registered with the controller.