Instance Method


Causes the receiver to attempt to commit any pending edits, returning YES if successful or no edits were pending.


- (BOOL)commitEditing;


The receiver invokes commitEditing on any current editors, returning their response. A commit is denied if the receiver fails to apply the changes to the model object, perhaps due to a validation error.

See Also

Managing editing

- objectDidBeginEditing:

Invoked to inform the receiver that editor has uncommitted changes that can affect the receiver.

- objectDidEndEditing:

Invoked to inform the receiver that editor has committed or discarded its changes.

- commitEditingWithDelegate:didCommitSelector:contextInfo:

Attempts to commit any pending changes in known editors of the receiver.

- discardEditing

Discards any pending changes by registered editors.


A Boolean value indicating if any editors are registered with the controller.