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enum NSDisplayGamut : Int


See Also

Getting Screen Information

var depth: NSWindow.Depth

The current bit depth and colorspace information of the screen.

var frame: NSRect

The dimensions and location of the screen.

var supportedWindowDepths: UnsafePointer<NSWindow.Depth>

A zero-terminated array of the window depths supported by the screen.

var deviceDescription: [NSDeviceDescriptionKey : Any]

The device dictionary for the screen.

struct NSDeviceDescriptionKey

These constants are the keys for device description dictionaries used by deviceDescription.

var visibleFrame: NSRect

The current location and dimensions of the visible screen.

var colorSpace: NSColorSpace?

The color space of the screen.

func canRepresent(NSDisplayGamut) -> Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the color space of the screen is capable of representing the specified display gamut.

class var screensHaveSeparateSpaces: Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether each screen can have its own set of spaces.