The visual representation of your app’s miniaturized windows and app icon as they appear in the Dock.


class NSDockTile : NSObject


You do not create Dock tile objects explicitly in your app. Instead, you retrieve the Dock tile for an existing window or for the app by calling that object’s dockTile method. Also, you do not subclass the NSDockTile class; instead, you use the methods of the class to make the following customizations:

  • Badge the tile with a custom string.

  • Remove or show the application icon badge.

  • Draw the tile content yourself.

If you decide to draw the tile content yourself, you must provide a custom content view to handle the drawing.

Application Dock Tiles

An application Dock tile defaults to display the application’s applicationIconImage.

The application Dock tile never shows a smaller application icon badge.

Whether using the default or custom view, the application Dock tile may be badged with a short custom string.

Window Dock Tiles

A window Dock tile defaults to display a miniaturized version of the windows contents with a badge derived from the application Dock icon, including any customized application Dock icon. The default window Dock tile image may not be badged with a custom string.

A window Dock tile can use a custom view to draw the Dock icon. If a custom view is used, no application badge will be added, but the text label will be overlaid on top of the icon.


Drawing the Tile’s Content

var contentView: NSView?

The view to use for drawing the dock tile contents.

Getting the Tile Information

var size: NSSize

The size of the tile.

var owner: AnyObject?

The object represented by the dock tile.

Applying Badge Icons to the Tile

var showsApplicationBadge: Bool

A Boolean showing whether the tile is badged with the application’s icon

var badgeLabel: String?

The string to be displayed in the tile’s badging area.

Updating the Dock Tile

func display()

Redraws the dock tile’s content.


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The Dock

protocol NSDockTilePlugIn

A set of methods implemented by plug-ins that allow an app’s Dock tile to be customized while the app is not running.