A set of methods implemented by plug-ins that allow an app’s Dock tile to be customized while the app is not running.


@protocol NSDockTilePlugIn


Customizing an application’s Dock tile when the application itself is not running requires that you write a plug-in. The plug-in’s principal class must implement the NSDockTilePlugIn protocol.

The name of the plugin is indicated by a NSDockTilePlugIn key in the application's Info.plist file.

The plugin is loaded in a system process at login time or when the application tile is added to the Dock. When the plugin is loaded, the principal class' implementation of setDockTile: is invoked, passing an NSDockTile for the plug-in to customize. If the principal class implements dockMenu it is invoked whenever the user causes the application's dock menu to be shown. When the dock tile is no longer valid (for example,. the application has been removed from the dock) -setDockTile: is invoked with nil.


Setting the Dock Tile

- setDockTile:

Invoked when the plug-in is first loaded and when the application is removed from the Dock.


Getting the Dock Tile Menu

- dockMenu

Invoked when the user causes the application's dock menu to be shown.


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