Instance Property


Returns the object specifier that represents the document.


@property(readonly, strong) NSScriptObjectSpecifier *objectSpecifier;

Return Value

The document object specifier.


An object specifier represents an AppleScript reference form, which is a natural-language expression such as words 10 through 20 or front document. During script processing, an object contained by a document (such as the second paragraph or the third rectangle) may need to specify its container (the document).

See Also

Handling Script Commands

- handleCloseScriptCommand:

Handles the Close AppleScript command by attempting to close the document.

- handlePrintScriptCommand:

Handles the Print AppleScript command by attempting to print the document.

- handleSaveScriptCommand:

Handles the Save AppleScript command by attempting to save the document.


The name of the document seen by the user in AppleScript.