Instance Method


Handles the Print AppleScript command by attempting to print the document.


func handlePrint(_ command: NSScriptCommand) -> Any?



An AppleScript command object.


Extracts Print command arguments from the command object and uses them to determine how to print the document—specifically, any print settings and whether to show the Print dialog. A Print AppleScript command may specify more than one document to print. If so, a message is sent to each document.

See Also


func handleClose(NSCloseCommand) -> Any?

Handles the Close AppleScript command by attempting to close the document.

func handleSave(NSScriptCommand) -> Any?

Handles the Save AppleScript command by attempting to save the document.

var objectSpecifier: NSScriptObjectSpecifier

Returns an object specifier for the document.

var lastComponentOfFileName: String

Sets the document name to the given string in terms of the scripting name property (the name a script writer would use to specify the document in a script).