Instance Method


Moves the document’s file to the given URL.


- (void)moveToURL:(NSURL *)url completionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *))completionHandler;



The location where the file will ultimately end up, if the move is successful.


The completion handler block object passed in to be invoked at some point in the future, perhaps after the method invocation has returned. The completion handler must be invoked on the main thread. On output, a nil error is passed if the move is successful; otherwise an NSError object is passed that encapsulates the reason for failure.


The default implementation of this method replaces any file that may currently exist at the given URL with the one being moved, as necessary.

See Also

Moving the Document

- moveDocument:

Moves the document to a new location in response to the user choosing the Move To… menu item.

- moveDocumentWithCompletionHandler:

Moves the document to a user-selected location.