Instance Property


The name of the document as displayed in the title bars of the document’s windows and in alert dialogs related to the document.


var displayName: String! { get set }


If the document has been saved, the display name is the last component of the directory location of the saved file (for example, “MyDocument” if the path is “/tmp/MyDocument.rtf”). If the document is new, NSDocument makes the display name “Untitled n

,” where n is a number in a sequence of new and unsaved documents. The displayable name also takes into account whether the document’s filename extension should be hidden. Subclasses of NSWindowController can override windowTitle(forDocumentDisplayName:) to modify the display name as it appears in window titles.

See Also

Managing Document Windows

func showWindows()

Displays all of the document’s windows, bringing them to the front and making them main or key as necessary.

func setWindow(NSWindow?)

Sets the window outlet of this document to the specified value.

var windowForSheet: NSWindow?

Returns the document window to use as the parent of a document-modal sheet.

func defaultDraftName() -> String

Returns the default draft name for the document subclass.

func encodeRestorableState(with: NSCoder, backgroundQueue: OperationQueue)

Saves the interface-related state of the document.