Type Property


Returns whether your NSDocument subclass allows the use of iCloud document storage.


@property(class, readonly) BOOL usesUbiquitousStorage;


This method’s default implementation returns YES if your app has a valid iCloud document storage entitlement (com.apple.developer.ubiquity-container-identifiers or com.apple.developer.icloud-container-identifiers, as described in Entitlement Key Reference). When this method returns YES, the system adds new menu items and other UI for iCloud documents, as appropriate, and allows documents to be saved or moved into the primary iCloud container. (The primary iCloud container is the one identified by the first container identifier string in the iCloud Containers list in the Xcode target editor.)

To indicate that your NSDocument subclass does not use iCloud storage, override this method to return NO.

See Also

iCloud Document Storage

- moveDocumentToUbiquityContainer:

Moves the document into the user’s iCloud storage in response to the user choosing the Move to iCloud… menu item.