Type Property


Returns whether the document subclass supports version management.


class var preservesVersions: Bool { get }

Return Value

true if the receiving subclass of NSDocument supports Versions; otherwise false.


The default implementation of this method returns [self autosavesInPlace]. You can override it and return false to declare that NSDocument should not preserve old document versions.

Returning false from this method disables version browsing and revertToSaved(_:), which rely on version preservation when autosaving in place. Returning true from this method when autosavesInPlace returns false will result in undefined behavior.

See Also

Configuring the Autosave Behavior

class var autosavesInPlace: Bool

Returns whether the receiver supports autosaving in place.

class var autosavesDrafts: Bool

Returns whether the document subclass supports autosaving of drafts.

var autosavedContentsFileURL: URL?

The location of the most recently autosaved document contents.

var autosavingFileType: String?

Returns the document type to use for an autosave operation.

var autosavingIsImplicitlyCancellable: Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether you can cancel an in-progress autosave operation.