Instance Method


Called before one of the document's window controllers loads its nib file.


- (void)windowControllerWillLoadNib:(NSWindowController *)windowController;



The window controller that loads the nib file.


See the class description for NSWindowController for additional information about nib files and the file’s owner object.

Typically an NSDocument subclass overrides windowNibName or makeWindowControllers, but not both. If windowNibName is overridden, the default implementation of makeWindowControllers will load the named nib file, making the NSDocument the nib file’s owner. In that case, you can override windowControllerWillLoadNib: and do custom processing before the nib file is loaded.

The default implementation of this method does nothing.

See Also

Creating and Managing Window Controllers

- makeWindowControllers

Creates the window controller objects that the document uses to display its content.

- addWindowController:

Adds the specified window controller to the current document.

- removeWindowController:

Removes the specified window controller from the receiver’s array of window controllers.


The document’s current window controllers.


The name of the document’s sole nib file.

- windowControllerDidLoadNib:

Called after one of the document's window controllers loads its nib file.

- shouldCloseWindowController:delegate:shouldCloseSelector:contextInfo:

Determines whether the system should close the document and its associated window.