Instance Method


Returns an object that encapsulates the current record of document changes at the beginning of a save operation.


- (id)changeCountTokenForSaveOperation:(NSSaveOperationType)saveOperation;



The type of save operation.

Return Value

An object encapsulating the document changes.


The returned object is meant to be passed to updateChangeCountWithToken:forSaveOperation: at the end of the save operation. For example, saveToURL:ofType:forSaveOperation:completionHandler: invokes this method, on the main thread, before it does any actual saving. This method facilitates asynchronous saving, during which a user can change a document while it is being saved.

See Also

Updating the Document Change Count

- updateChangeCountWithToken:forSaveOperation:

Updates the document's change count settings after a successful save operation.

- updateChangeCount:

Updates the receiver’s change count according to the given change type.


Values that indicate a document’s edit status.