Instance Property


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether you can cancel an in-progress autosave operation.


@property(readonly) BOOL autosavingIsImplicitlyCancellable;


The value of this property is YES if autosaving is in progress but nothing bad would happen if it were cancelled. For example, when periodic autosaving is being done only for crash protection, which doesn’t need to be done all of the time, this property is set to YES. When autosaving is being done because the document is being closed, the property is set to NO.

When the value is YES, your document-writing code can invoke unblockUserInteraction after recording the fact that changes to the document model made by the user should first cancel the rest of the writing. Your code that makes changes to the document model then must always do that cancellation first. If your writing code is implicitly cancelled in this way, it should set the NSError object passed by reference to the writing method to NSUserCancelledError in NSCocoaErrorDomain.

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