Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether the document’s Save panel displays a list of supported writable document types.


@property(readonly) BOOL shouldRunSavePanelWithAccessoryView;


When the value of this property is YES, the document includes a pop-up menu of supported writable document types when it displays the Save panel. The default value of this property is YES. Subclasses can override this property to provide a different value. For example, you might provide the following implementation:

- (BOOL)shouldRunSavePanelWithAccessoryView {
    return [self fileURL] == nil;

See Also

Presenting a Save Panel

- runModalSavePanelForSaveOperation:delegate:didSaveSelector:contextInfo:

Presents a modal Save panel to the user, then tries to save the document if the user approves the operation.

- prepareSavePanel:

Tells the document to customize the specified Save panel.


The file type that was last selected in the Save panel.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the user chose to hide the document's filename extension.