Instance Method


Presents an error alert to the user as a modal panel.


func presentError(_ error: Error) -> Bool



The error object encapsulating the information to present to the user.

Return Value

true if error recovery was done; otherwise, false.


This method does not return until the user dismisses the alert and, if the error has recovery options and a recovery delegate, the error’s recovery delegate is sent an attemptRecovery(fromError:optionIndex:) message.

The NSDocument default implementation of this method is equivalent to that of NSResponder and treats the shared NSDocumentController as the next responder and forwards these messages to it.

The default implementation of this method invokes willPresentError(_:) to give subclasses an opportunity to customize error presentation. You should not override this method but should instead override willPresentError(_:).

See Also

Handling Errors

func willPresentError(Error) -> Error

Called when the receiver is about to present an error.

func willNotPresentError(Error)

Confirms that the given NSError object is not to be presented to the user and the error cannot be recovered from, so that cleanup can be done.