Instance Method


Confirms that the given NSError object is not to be presented to the user and the error cannot be recovered from, so that cleanup can be done.


func willNotPresentError(_ error: Error)



An NSError object returned by another NSDocument method.


Some NSDocument methods, like those involved in writing, may not immediately delete temporary files if there is a chance that the error can be recovered from and the operation can continue. To make sure that cleanup is always done, you should invoke this method with NSDocument errors that are not going to be passed to one of the presentError:... methods. For example, the NSDocument implementation of the NSFilePresenter method savePresentedItemChanges(completionHandler:) invokes this method when it invokes autosave(withImplicitCancellability:completionHandler:) and the completion handler is passed an NSError object, because it does not present the error to the user.

See Also

Handling Errors

func presentError(Error) -> Bool

Presents an error alert to the user as a modal panel.

func willPresentError(Error) -> Error

Called when the receiver is about to present an error.