Instance Method


Autosaves the document’s contents to an appropriate location in the file system.


func autosave(withDelegate delegate: Any?, didAutosave didAutosaveSelector: Selector?, contextInfo: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?)



The delegate to which the selector message is sent.


The selector of the message sent to the delegate.


Object passed with the callback to provide any additional context information.


After autosaving, sends the message selected by didAutosaveSelector to the delegate, with contextInfo as the last argument. The method selected by didAutosaveSelector must have the same signature as:

- (void)document:(NSDocument *)document didAutosave:(BOOL)didAutosaveSuccessfully contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo

If an error occurs while autosaving, the method reports it to the user before sending the delegate a succeeded:NO message.

See Also

Autosaving the Document

func checkAutosavingSafety()

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether it is safe to autosave document changes.

var hasUnautosavedChanges: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the document has changes that have not been autosaved.

func scheduleAutosaving()

Schedules periodic autosaving for the purpose of crash protection.

func autosave(withImplicitCancellability: Bool, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Autosaves the document’s contents to an appropriate file-system location, as needed.

var backupFileURL: URL?

The URL for the document’s backup file that was created during an autosave operation.