Instance Property


The directory path to be used as the starting point in the Open panel.


@property(readonly, copy) NSString *currentDirectory;


The first valid directory from the following list is returned:

  • The directory location where the current document was last saved

  • The last directory visited in the Open panel

  • The user’s home directory

See Also

Managing the Open Dialog

- beginOpenPanelWithCompletionHandler:

Presents an Open dialog and delivers the results to a completion handler as an array of URLs for the chosen files (or nil).

- beginOpenPanel:forTypes:completionHandler:

Presents a nonmodal Open dialog that displays files that can be opened based on a list of UTIs.

- runModalOpenPanel:forTypes:

Presents a modal Open dialog and limits selection to specific file types.

- URLsFromRunningOpenPanel

An array of URLs corresponding to the files selected in a running open panel.