Instance Method


Presents a modal Open dialog and limits selection to specific file types.


func runModalOpenPanel(_ openPanel: NSOpenPanel, forTypes types: [String]?) -> Int



The open panel to display.


An array of allowable types to open.


This method is called by the urlsFromRunningOpenPanel() method. It calls the NSOpenPanel runModalForTypes: method, passing the openPanel object and the file extensions associated with a document type. The extensions parameter may also contain encoded HFS file types as well as filename extensions.

See Also

Managing the Open Dialog

func beginOpenPanel(completionHandler: ([URL]?) -> Void)

Presents an Open dialog and delivers the results to a completion handler as an array of URLs for the chosen files (or nil).

func beginOpenPanel(NSOpenPanel, forTypes: [String]?, completionHandler: (Int) -> Void)

Presents a nonmodal Open dialog that displays files that can be opened based on a list of UTIs.

var currentDirectory: String?

The directory path to be used as the starting point in the Open panel.

func urlsFromRunningOpenPanel() -> [URL]?

An array of URLs corresponding to the files selected in a running open panel.