Instance Method


An array of URLs corresponding to the files selected in a running open panel.


- (NSArray<NSURL *> *)URLsFromRunningOpenPanel;


Accessing this property creates an NSOpenPanel object and runs it using the runModalOpenPanel:forTypes: method. When the user dismisses the panel, the returned value is an array of URLs corresponding to the files chosen by the user. The value is nil if the user cancels the Open panel or makes no selection.

See Also

Managing the Open Dialog

- beginOpenPanelWithCompletionHandler:

Presents an Open dialog and delivers the results to a completion handler as an array of URLs for the chosen files (or nil).

- beginOpenPanel:forTypes:completionHandler:

Presents a nonmodal Open dialog that displays files that can be opened based on a list of UTIs.

- runModalOpenPanel:forTypes:

Presents a modal Open dialog and limits selection to specific file types.


The directory path to be used as the starting point in the Open panel.