Instance Property


An array of strings representing the custom document classes supported by this app.


@property(readonly, copy) NSArray<NSString *> *documentClassNames;


The items in the array are NSString objects, each of which represents the name of a document subclasses supported by the app. The document class names are derived from the app’s Info.plist. You can override this property and use it to return the names of document classes that are dynamically loaded from plugins.

See Also

Managing Document Types


Returns the name of the document type that should be used when creating new documents.

- documentClassForType:

Returns the NSDocument subclass associated with a given document type.

- displayNameForType:

Returns the descriptive name for the specified document type, which is used in the File Format pop-up menu of the Save As dialog.

- typeForContentsOfURL:error:

Returns, for a specified URL, the document type identifier to use when opening the document at that location, if successful.