Instance Method


Called when a drag operation ends.


optional func draggingEnded(_ sender: NSDraggingInfo)



The object sending the message; use it to get details about the dragging operation.


Implement this method if you want to be notified when a drag operation ends, which can be useful if the drag ends in some other destination. For example, this method might be used by a destination doing auto-expansion in order to collapse any auto-expands.

See Also

Managing a Dragging Session Before an Image Is Released

func draggingEntered(NSDraggingInfo) -> NSDragOperation

Invoked when the dragged image enters destination bounds or frame; delegate returns dragging operation to perform.

func wantsPeriodicDraggingUpdates() -> Bool

Asks the destination object whether it wants to receive periodic draggingUpdated(_:) messages.

func draggingUpdated(NSDraggingInfo) -> NSDragOperation

Invoked periodically as the image is held within the destination area, allowing modification of the dragging operation or mouse-pointer position.

func draggingExited(NSDraggingInfo?)

Invoked when the dragged image exits the destination’s bounds rectangle (in the case of a view object) or its frame rectangle (in the case of a window object).