Instance Method


Sets the item’s dragging frame and contents.


func setDraggingFrame(_ frame: NSRect, contents: Any?)



The item content frame, which is in the same coordinate space as the value of draggingFrame.


The item contents to display when dragging. Typically this is an NSImage, but a CGImageRef will also work.


Alternate single image component setter.

This convenience method simplifies modifying the components of an NSDraggingItem when there is only one component. It sets the draggingFrame and creates a single NSDraggingImageComponent instance with one image corresponding to the icon key. You should use this method only under the following conditions: the drag image for this item is composed of a single image, or there are a reasonable number of dragging item instances being created or enumerated.

If your application requires the dragging of hundreds of items this method would create a instance for each item when it is called. Compare this to the imageComponentsProvider block which is much faster to define and allows AppKit to create only a subset of the items using imageComponentsProvider.

This method sets the draggingFrame and imageComponents properties.

See Also

Dragging Frame

var draggingFrame: NSRect

Returns the frame of the dragging item.