Instance Property


An array of blocks that provide the dragging image components.


var imageComponentsProvider: (() -> [NSDraggingImageComponent])? { get set }


The dragging image is the composite of an array of NSDraggingImageComponent objects.

The dragging image components are not set directly. Instead, a block is used to generate the components and the block is called if necessary.

The block may be set to nil, meaning that this drag item has no image. Generally, only dragging destinations do this, and only if there is at least one valid item in the drop, and the receiver is not that object.

The components are composited in painting order. That is, each component in the array is painted on top of the previous components in the array.

See Also

Drag Image Components

var imageComponents: [NSDraggingImageComponent]?

Returns an array of dragging image components that are used to create the drag image.

var item: Any

Returns the pasteboard reader or writer object dependent on the context of where this dragging item is used .